Visualization of IUVO smart home


The automation of the IUVO system can be visualized on a tablet, phone or PC. Automation system control applications can work under all the most popular operating systems – MS Windows, ANDROID, iOS.

Visualization is created on the XP3 RTI server communicating with the intelligent IUVO system. This communication is of course two-way, so there is simultaneous feedback what is happening with the device at home at the moment (active / inactive). The visualization created on the XP3 server is a graphic overlay on the IUVO smart home system. All logic is “hidden” in IUVO logic modules. The application allows full control of the IUVO system and devices connected to it. Properly configured, it provides the user with remote information on lights state, alarm activity, etc. At the same time, it enables remote control, such as changing the temperature in individual rooms and full heating control. The application can be installed on a tablet, phone or PC. You are able to control your phone, give orders and control your house or apartment.

The film presents an example visualization for a PC. Visualization with identical functionality can be placed on the phone or tablet. It should be mentioned that a different visualization can be placed on each device.

  • An example of one of the visualization and control panels Recuperator control, recuperator operation change – manual or automatic operation.
  • Cinema scene: switching off all lighting circuits, closing all blinds, lowering the board for the projector.
  • Turning on / off individual lighting circuits in rooms.
  • Scene Leaving the house: arming the alarm system, changing the recuperator to 1, turning off the lighting in the whole apartment, closing all blinds, deactivating some of the sockets.

As graphic background of the visualization, you can use any graphic saved in one of the popular graphic formats. It can be a projection of an apartment from an architect, a true photo of an apartment, a room, an Investor’s drawing. Any components can be applied to such prepared graphics (undercoat). Component libraries are varied and exhaustively describe the flat (connectors, lamps, blinds, heaters, etc.). Each component is assigned an action corresponding to the Investor. This can be simple or complex, e.g. “leaving home” or “romantic dinner” scene. The system status can also be visualized on the screen – is the lighting circuit active?, alarm system status, detectors, movement, smoke, flooding…

Scenes – a tab with the most frequently used scenes. They can be freely configured, it can integrate all systems connected to the Automation System IUVO.

Control of lighting circuits and blinds in the bedroom. Each of the circuits can be controlled individually or in groups.

Designer – a program designed for editing graphics. This is a very clear and intuitive program.