Controlling a smart home couldn't be easier

IUVO System

Parameters and properties of the IUVO system

Distributed system:

Each of the modules is a master module. Damage to one of the modules has no major effect on system stability. The IUVO system has a "silent" bus. Information on the bus is only issued when the module sends an order or polls for the status of another module.

Infinitely scalable:

IUVO system modules can be connected by bus. There is no limit to the number of modules connected to the IUVO system. Switchboards with modules can be located on different floors of the building, and data transmission can be issued indirectly via Ethernet.

Easy to configure:

The devices are automatically detected on the bus, and the whole system can be configured using the intuitive and free to download and use IUVO Expert software using only a PC. We focus on proven solutions that last for many years.

Open protocol:

The IUVO system has an open protocol and enables extensive integration with other systems and devices available on the market.

IUVO system characteristics

IUVO system is a modular building automation system – an intelligent home (also called smart home system). It is mainly used in the construction of single-family houses or big apartments. IUVO controllers can also be used to implement industrial automation. It consists of freely configurable controllers that can be connected into a network. The system allows the integration of most systems installed in modern construction: lighting, heating, blinds, alarm, ventilation, recuperation, garden irrigation, gate control etc. Thanks to the integration used, many new logical combinations are obtained that were not possible in traditional solutions. Information from one system can be used in another system. The collection and analysis of information is done by properly configured IUVO modules that are installed in the automation switchboard. Configuration of IUVO modules is done via PC.

You can freely configure IUVO system according to your needs

The IUVO system is configured using the IUVO Expert program, which is supplied along with the controllers. The intuitive interface allows you to efficiently configure complex cause-effect relationships, time dependencies. The program automatically detects all controllers and each of them receives an individual address. In the IUVO Expert program, modules are presented as a logical network structure in the form of a “tree”, which facilitates imaging of the system operation and configuration. The installer can name the functions, each of the inputs and outputs, and individual modules individually. The programming logic resembles communication with another human being, where simple commands are given, describing the method of implementation and the purpose of the action.

The modules can be freely configured

IUVO controllers can also be used in industrial automation. They are great both in the construction of single-family houses and apartments. The number of modules that can be connected into a network is unlimited, and the system can be expanded with further modules over time. Nothing prevents, for example, combining modules from many places, e.g. a summer house and flat into one system, when the user decides that information is to be transferred from one building to another. For example, in order to transfer the order to turn off the lights from the application on the phone also in the summer house, so that you do not have to go there and manually turn off each of the lighting circuits.

The IUVO system is compatible with the vast majority of subsystems installed in modern constructions. Integration allows for obtaining many new logical combinations that are impossible to achieve in traditional solutions. For example, you can control the recuperator of the company X, and at the same time give command to company Y alarm system to arm or give order at the same time to turn on the lights in the driveway and to open the exit gate manufactured by company Z.

The system in the electrical sense can be installed by any electrician who does have basic knowledge about new solutions in construction industry. At the same time, the IUVO Expert application is intuitive to use and the configuration of installed modules is trouble-free. The system itself can be presented to the user in an open or hidden way. The first one with the application to control via mobile devices and touch panels or implicitly. Then, ordinary “bell” switches are able to handle the advanced logic of the system from the side of issuing commands by the user like: turn on light, close the blind, activate watering the garden and a number of others at your discretion.

Thanks to the integration of alarm systems and monitoring, you can be sure about the safety of you and your family.

The IUVO system provides increased security by integrating the automation system with the alarm system. After arming the alarm, a simulation of household members’ presence can be started. In an emergency situation and alarm activation, lighting can be turned on to record better visible faces of attackers through a monitoring system or e.g. garden water sprinklers to further draw attention of neighbors and passers-by to the alarm situation. Don’t let your imagination limit you, plan how the system will react to the information received! Thanks to the integration of all systems, the comfort of using the home increases. Residents can control several systems at the same time with one switch. “Clicking” the switch closes all blinds, switching off the lighting, arming the alarm system. Thanks to the time and logical relationships offered by the IUVO system, you’ll never leave the lighting on when you leave the house. There will be no watering of the garden when it rains, but at high temperatures the system can, for example, start additional spraying of plants in the garden. Such solutions result in savings of electricity and water utilities, while saving something that cannot be overestimated – time.

Examples of using the IUVO system: