Home control is really intuitive!

One system

Thanks to the integration of systems, you control them all using only one application


Allows control over the TV, receiver, projector and sound system


Integration of alarm, video monitoring (CCTV), video entry system with a smart home system


Integration of subsystems such as: blinds, lighting, heating, electrical outlets, garden irrigation, ventilation and recuperation



Manage heating, irrigation, lighting and even music or TV systems using only one mobile device.


Thanks to the combination of CCTV and alarm in the one IUVO system, you will have full control over your home regardless of where you currently reside.


At any time, you can freely change the functionality of the switches, panels or visualization interface. for your phone.


Each module is a master module, which means that a possible failure of one of the elements does not affect the functioning of the entire system.


You can link any number of IUVO modules together, increasing the functionality of the entire system.


IUVO system has an open protocol, which allows for extensive integration with other systems.

Adapt the home to your needs, not yourself to your home!

One panel for managing all systems!







First system configuration is carried out using the intuitive IUVO Expert program.

By using the IUVO Expert program, you can easily configure the entire system even without programming knowledge.

There no restrictions to the number of modules connected in the IUVO system. You can connect any number of modules via internal bus or even using an Ethernet network.


Our new location

Our new location

Please visit us at our new location in Szczecin Poland on Teofila Firlika 41/8 street.
IUVO WebServer

IUVO WebServer

We have a new product in our stock – IUVO WebServer. It’s a web server dedicated specially for IUVO system.…
Giving avay IUVO modules to patronite school in city Pila

Giving avay IUVO modules to...

Now we are patronites and have a school under our wings. We did give away our IUVO modules, so new…

Straight way to your smart home

Contact us and discover the advantages of an intelligent IUVO home

Based on the provided project and your expectations, we will propose optimal solutions for the smart home of your dreams

Preparation of the project and offer

After consultation, we start work on a detailed installation project and prepare an accurate valuation of the entire system

Installation and configuration

Our team of installers will install the entire system starting from the wiring of all subsystems of your home, through the arming of the electrical switchboard, alarm, CCTV etc. Last stage is the configuration and integration with IUVO.

Mobile application

Download RTI mobile application and control your home using a phone or tablet.

This program works on all devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

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